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Just a quick overview of what the build encompassed.

6 cars from 6 decades were involved in the build

1958 Wartburg
1969 Porsche 911
1972 VW Beetle
1984 Porsche 944
1993 Subaru Legacy
2000 Honda Civic

So where are those parts and how did they go together.

First the Wartburg frame was grafted with the VW torsion assembly and transaxle to give us a rear suspension and transmission.

The subaru's engine was adapted to the transaxle using an Kennedy Engineering adapter plate.

Porsche 944 A-arms and struts were mounted up front to provide suspension and it's brakes were used at all 4 corners.

Honda provided the radiator and fuel pump and the Porsche 911 rounded it out with the steering rack.

From initial teardown to first drive (on the BABE rally no less) was approximately 6 months.

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