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New wheels
  With the Trifecta of Crap offically completed now the question becomes "what next?"

Welcome to Wartburg 2.0 where I will tear her back down to the frame and start over.  But this time without the limiatations set by the events.

It all started when I was made a tremendous deal on a set of CCW Classic wheels by Greg Voth from GRM.

They are 16x10 fronts and 16x11 rears.  Finally the car will get what most folks were waiting for....FLARES!

Along with that will be an upgrade in motivational power.  Plans call for a 2.0 Turbo WRX motor.

The body will be finished off with the addition of a 3 fold ragtop, frenched headlights, a custom grill with Hella driving lights and other custom touches along the way.

Stay tuned as plans develop.

New Seats
  Another new addition will soon arrive for Wartburg 2.0.  Thanks again to another GRM Member (Sachilles) I have part of the interior puzzle sorted out with these beautiful Subaru STI seats.

This deviates from the original plan to use Cadillac seats with integrated belts but they just look so sharp and go well with the Subaru meets Wartburg theme that I couldn't say no.

These will also influence my final decision for the color scheme but I'm not exactly sure how yet.

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